In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.

Name Chairs Description
Administrative Services: Kiwanis Logo Pop-Up Canopies
Wilson, Nellann
Wilson, Harry
Distribution, storage, proper care of Kiwanis Logo Pop-Up Canopies
Administrative Services: ChucKwagon/Barn
Pepiot, Don
Maintenance and scheduling of the ChucKwagon. Upkeep, organization, and administration of the club storage space at "the barn."
Administrative Services: Club I-Plan Creation Utilizing KI development tools.
Administrative Services: Conferences & Conventions Administration of attendance at Conferences and Conventions
Administrative Services: Financial Review The club’s and the club foundation's financial records will be examined annually by a standing financial review committee, as provided in club policy. The accounting records will be available for inspection by the committee and, upon request, by the president or board. A written report of the annual financial examination shall be submitted to the board.
Administrative Services: Interclubs Arrange for members to attend meetings of other Kiwanis clubs
Administrative Services: Permits/Licenses
Smith, Ron
Esser, Nick
Health, Alcohol, Event Permits/Licenses, etc.
Administrative Services: Risk Management - Insurance, Legal Issues
Erickson, Don
Risk Management including coordination of insurance policies, and advice on legal issues
Communications: Newsletters
Martin, Mary
Kuether, Chris
Provide timely newsletters describing each meeting and monthly special interest articles for distribution to members and friends of the club.
Communications: Photography Ensure that photographs are taken for all events and meetings; provide photos for website and publicity.
Communications: Press Relations (Publicity) Establish relationships with press and other media to generate publicity for the club.
Communications: Website & Social Networking Maintain and keep up-to-date Club website and presence on Social Media sites
Community Services: Alternative Recreation
Community Services: American Cancer Society Liaison
Erickson, Lorraine E.
Relay for Life, National Survivors Day Picnic
Community Services: Boys & Girls Club Liaison
Community Services: Chamber of Commerce Liaison
Hintlian, Elaine
Community Services: Community Council Liaison
Absmeier, John
Lightfoot, Jim
Community Services: Free Clinic Liaison
Sturt, Don
Erickson, Don
Community Services: Hope of America Awards
Cutler, Marsha
Community Services: Kiwanis One Day
Orozco, Al
Organizes and defines community service project annually for Kiwanis One Day.
Community Services: Reading Room
Erickson, Lorraine E.
Administration of Reading Oasis Room(s)
Community Services: Samaritan Center
Wilson, Nellann
Wilson, Harry
Community Services: Scholarships
Leap, Roberta
Review Applications, Interview and Select Graduating Seniors from Apollo, Royal and Simi High Schools to receive Kiwanis College Scholarships.
Community Services: School Fundraisers
Hoglund, Wendy
Purchase and prepare food for a PTA sponsored event with 100% of the profits given to the school.
Community Services: YMCA Liaison
Eliminate Project
Smith, Ron
Finance & Fundraising: Administrative Fundraising
Hintlian, Elaine
Holds various fundraising events for the Administrative Fund.
Finance & Fundraising: Alcoholic Beverage Sales
Esser, Nick
Oversees sale of alcoholic beverages at various designated events, including obtaining ABC permits, arranging for Responsible Beverage Service training, ordering inventory.
Finance & Fundraising: Round*Up
Van Etten, Kathi
Sturt, Don
This committee is responsible for planning and implementing the annual Round*Up:A Rockin' Country Music Extravaganza festival and fund raising event.
House: Kiwanis After Hours Meeting Advisor
Jenkinson, Clare
Chibnik, April
Act as assistant to President to plan After Hours meetings.
House: Meeting Setup
House: Programs/Speakers
Everakes, Howard
Cutler, Dale
Select and manage programs and speakers for regular meetings other than business meeting.
House: Slideshows Prepare background slideshow for display during meetings.
House: Song Leader
Erickson, Don
House: Sound
Klasen, Suzanne
House: Speakers' Books
Klasen, Suzanne
Procure, prepare, and provide for each meeting books to donate in speakers' names.
Human and Spiritual Values
Leap, Roberta
This committee implements projects that support spiritual development, provide human companionship and comfort, or offer counseling and guidance. The Sunshine Committee sends greetings to our members who are ill or need encouragement.
Human and Spiritual Values: Sunshine
Kokotos, Ellie
Walluks, Marian
Membership Growth & Education
Leap, Roberta
Esser, Nick
This committee strives to increase membership according to standards provided in the by-laws. It should consider all Membership Applications and submit recommendations to the Board of Directors. It also should develop an effective orientation and induction ceremony for new members and promote regular attendance by all members at club meetings.
Officers & Board of Directors
Erickson, Don
ROUND-UP 2017 Planning - SPONSORS Work together to increase sponsorships for the 2017 event.
ROUND-UP Planning Team
Van Etten, Kathi
Hintlian, Lee
Sturt, Don
Primary organizers of the Round-Up events
School Fundraisers
Hoglund, Wendy
Purchase and prepare food for a PTA sponsored event with 100% of the profits given to the school.
Service Leadership Programs This committee shall devise ways and means to establish and support Sponsored Youth clubs in elementary (K-Kids), middle (Builders Club) and high (Key Club) schools, Circle K clubs in colleges and universities, and Aktion clubs for adults with disabilities. It should encourage and promote the activities of all such clubs sponsored by our own club.
SLP Aktion Club
Falk, Jerry
Blackwell, Sandra
SimiSu Aktion Club
SLP Builders Clubs Sinaloa, Hillside, Valley View Middle Schools, Boys & Girls Club
SLP Circle K
Martin, Floyd
Establish and provide sponsor member for Moorpark College Circle K Club, along with Moorpark and Thousand Oaks Clubs,
SLP Key Clubs Royal, Simi Valley High Schools
SLP Key Leader Youth leadership weekends
SLP K-Kids
Patch, Mary
Knolls, Hollow Hills, Township, Big Springs, Arroyo Elementary Schools
Social Committee
Hintlian, Elaine
This committee plans the fun we have outside of our Kiwanis service and fundraising projects.
Young Children: Priority One
Smith, Donna
This committee implements projects for children, prenatal through age five. Projects can address maternal and child health, child care, early development, nutrition, parenting education and support, advocacy, pediatric trauma, or safety. Includes Child Car Seat ID Stickers.